Equitas Health Icons


Developing a system of symbols that appear visually and conceptually cohesive as a family of forms.


Equitas Health


A set of icons to represent the different services in the gender-affirming care program.



I began with a research phase to learn more about the details of each service. The gender-affirming care aspect meant that the icons had to appear gender-neutral to be inclusive to the transgender community. 


For the hormone therapy icon, I used different representations of estrogen and testosterone whether that be chemical symbols pills or needles. With mammography, I tried different representations of the machine or overlaying a bra or chest binder over the health symbol.

Icon Iterations

I experimented with fill, negative space, and using points, or lines in the symbols. It took me a while to find a good balance in the number and positioning of points to make them less overwhelming. Overall I was drawn to the dimension that adding gray value brought to the set especially in the mammography icon when the gray is against the white.

Final Icons

The icons use a 3pt line weight with 2pt for small details like the magnifying glass. For the Prep Care and HIV Care symbols, I created my own font with similar widths. This project taught me how to visually simplify complex concepts .

Equitas Health app

I later revisited my design for the app having been given a course in Interaction design with better knowledge of icon hierarchy, how to form components and more engaging scrolling capabilities. a mockup of the app in Figma and scrolled through the button screen. Clicking on the button allows the user to either make an appointment or find a support group.