Curio Logo Rebrand


To work within a team to rebrand Curio, Curiosity’s award-winning in-house content studio.


Curiosity Advertising 


A dynamic logo that captures the boldness, speed, and versatility of Curiosity’s in-house content studio. The logo will be used across digital platforms.

Previous Logo




Our team met with the head of Curio to get a sense of how he wanted the studio represented. I made note of the words he assciated with Curio like nimble, whitty, and bold. I built a moodboard that emphasized Curio’s playfulness using type to convey motion.

Color Iterations


Inspired by aperature movement I took different sans serif typefaces like Galano Grotesque and Libre Franklin and tried different methods of infusing negative space. Other iterations have some more literal references to camera work like using a pixel grid offset from the tittle of the i.

System 1 Strategy

The iterations presented to the head of Curio and our Creative Director utilize our brand colors. The first system mimics aperature movement through its use of positive and negative space if used in an animation the elements could be seperated and used as shapes. 

System 2 & 3 Strategy

System two is more minimal using an all caps version of Galano Grotesque. System three has a cut in the bowl of the o and inverts the position of the letters giving it the appearance of a reel in motion.

Final Logo

The final uses Galano Grotesque and uses a cut in the bowl of the o to represent motion. Curio’s attention to detail is captured in the way the letterforms relate to one another like how the distance between the tittle of the i and the stem is equal to the distance between the two parts of the o.

Curio Studio Tour

One of the many uses for the logo is on Curiosity’s social media. I was tasked with helping create an Instagram reel that highlighted Curio and it’s capabilities. I edited the reel using footage taken by the studio and a logo animation made by another Curiosity designer. I also created a mockup of what the logo would look like on the Curio section of the Curiosity website.

Digital Use & Collateral