B.F.Fs Title Sequence


This motion design project included building a concept for a film, gathering inspiration, and creating an animated title sequence.


Young filmgoers ages 16-late 20’s.


An animated title sequence that combines a coming-of-age story with a horror comedy inspired by early 2000’s films.


I rewatched early 2000’s films like Mean Girls and Jennifer’s Body because I knew I wanted to focus on the complexity of female friendships with a horror twist.


Drawing inspiration from paper dolls I would juxtapose very girly cheerleader imagery with blood splatter and demonic pentagrams. The butterflies represent the main characters and the final girl would be a different color butterfly than the others.

Final Title Sequence

The resulting title sequence is feminine imagery with subtle horror elements added in. This project taught me about film transitions, setting a film’s tone, and more knowledge of AfterEffects.