Clean Freak DCOMM


To update our Mr. Clean Clean Freak DCOMM images with the current packaging.


Procter & Gamble


Refined DCOMM images that evoke the scents in the Clean Freak line.




This was a quick-turn project so my research was focused on how our other in-house brands like Febreze captured the sensorial nature of their product.


In my first iterations I made the background a similar shade to the scent marker to help emphasize the scent. While an interesting approach it became difficult to differentiate the bottle from the background so I replaced it with the Mr. Clean brand cyan. I also added scent markers like stalks of lavender to the side of the bottle and edited out any uneccessary type to create a better beauty shot.

Final Images

The final images use a cyan background and feature the scent marker along the bottle. The contrast between the background and the bottle helps emphasize the scent and I used white type to highlight the product’s cleaning power. A similar strategy is used on the buy now button to make it stand out on the dark blue background.

Our marketing team was pleased with how sensorial the DCOMM images are. The images will be used for future online promotion of the Clean Freak collection.